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A deeper materialism with Michael Stone February 22nd, 2014

Michael Stone at TEDx 2013

Michael’s recent visit to London and the screening of his latest film prompted me to stumble across this inspiring talk of his at TEDx Toronto 2013

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John Scott Brighton workshop January 31st, 2014


The legendary John Scott visits Brighton at the end of March for a weekend workshop. John has been practicing over 24 years and was certified by Guruji in 1995. He’s the author of a book and DVD both titled Ashtanga Yoga.

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mysore, first time tips: transport December 31st, 2013

Mysore coconut stand

This post is the second in a series titled Mysore first time tips, for those interested in what life in Mysore is like. Getting your transport sorted out should be an early priority after you land in Mysore. It’ll make all the difference to your stay.

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mysore, first time tips: accommodation November 29th, 2013

a block of flats on contour road

This post is the first in a series of ‘first time tips’ for those planning a trip to Mysore. This information comes through hard-won experience of my very own first trip. Ultimately an amazing experience but not without it’s challenges to be sure.

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my first 24 hours in India November 23rd, 2013

KPJAYI building in Mysore

After a 7 year wait I finally make it to Mysore. In this blog post I share my experience of my first 24 hours in India. It’s an intense and choatic but not unpleasant experience.

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