Yogi Tea Throat Comfort

Yogi Tea Competition Winners

We take a look at Yogi Tea’s fresh new design and sample some of their delicious Ayurvedic spice blends. And the best bit? We announce the lucky winners of our Yogi Tea Facebook competition.

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Peeling orange

The magic of mantra

Louise meets US meditation teacher Sally Kempton at a Triyoga workshop in London and discovers why mantra can be likened to using a chisel and peeling an orange!

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Are you eating mindfully? 

In Hannah’s latest article she explores the concept of mindful eating, sharing her experiences of Vipassana meditation and how our thoughts about the food we eat can affect us.

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Michael Stone

12 steps to a more engaged life

Check out this engaging and inspiring talk by Canadian Buddhist, yoga practitioner and social activist Michael Stone, in which he offers 12 steps for telling a new story about what it means to live an engaged life.

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