Hannah publishes new book on mindful yoga

Hannah Moss with her Mindful Yoga book

I’ve finally published my first book!

This wonderful opportunity to write a book about yoga and mindfulness for local Brighton publisher Leaping Hare Press, came at just the right time for me. Having practised various styles of yoga for over 23 years, since I was 19, I also had a daily Ashtanga yoga practice for 6 years. I made two 3-month trips to Mysore to practise with Sharath Jois and was firmly ensconced on the Ashtanga bandwagon.

However, after returning from my second trip to Mysore, with no job, no money and no real idea of where my life was headed, I took a huge change of direction and stopped practising. I didn’t actually feel it was me making the decision to stop; it was more like my practice just stopped itself.

I realised my practice had become too rigid and was no longer supporting the rest of my life, but rather I was trying to fit the rest of my life around my practice. And I certainly wasn’t practising mindfully anymore. I felt like I was simply rolling out my mat each morning and just going through the motions. I’d lost touch with why I was practising in the first place, and felt like my practice had become more like ‘mindless yoga’.  So my practice stopped.

And a few months later I was invited to write a book about mindful yoga. Not only that, I was encouraged to draw on my own experiences to do so. Talk about synchronicity!

The Practice of Mindful Yoga

About the book

The Practice of Mindful Yoga: A Connected Path to Awareness explores the connection between yoga and mindfulness, offering practical exercises to help both beginners and experienced practitioners live a more mindful life both on and off the mat.

Through insightful ideas and personal anecdotes, I explain the ways in which mindfulness is fundamental to yoga and how the breath becomes a bridge between the two. I invite the reader to join me on an inspiring journey of self-discovery and conscious awareness through the enriching practice of mindful yoga.

My book is now available to buy online.

Book launch party

And if you’re in Brighton, why not come to my book launch on Sat 9th Feb 2019 in Hove? There’ll be a talk and reading by both myself and Sarah Samuel who’s also written a book in the same seres, Mindful Crafting: The Maker’s Creative Journey. Plus there’ll be a mindful yoga exercise, a mindful crafting exercise and homemade tea and cake. Your ticket price includes a FREE signed book of your choice, plus you can buy further copies at a special discounted rate.

I hope to see you there!

Hannah x

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