Statue of Patanjali at the KPJAYI in Mysore


Ashtanga Brighton was founded in Brighton in 2007 by Guy Anderson to support the local Ashtanga community. A dedicated daily practitioner now based in Stockholm, Guy wanted to find a way to bring the local community together, to share our experiences and to reassure each other that we’re not totally insane. (Honest.)

Guy and Hannah, expanded their drishti from Brighton to Mysore, making an annual ‘pilgrimage’ to study at the home of Ashtanga yoga in India.

Our goal is to share our experiences and inspire others to live authentic, connected lives wherever we are. In short we want to inspire people to find freedom through practice – both on and off the mat.

Because yoga is everywhere.

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Meet our Founder:

photo of Guy in Shri Lanka


Meet our Editor:

Photo of Hannah in utplutih