We hope you’ll find our carefully selected list of websites as relevant and interesting as we do. We regularly update this page so check back soon if you’re looking for some new inspiration.


Our favourite Ashtanga shalas around the world, plus interesting asana-related sites.


The K Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute, aka the “main shala” in Mysore, is the heart of the global Ashtanga community. Get the latest news and teaching schedules, read about the lineage, find authorised teachers around the world, and apply online to study at the shala.


Brighton Natural Health Centre is home to the most established morning Mysore programme in Brighton taught by Sarah Miles. The centre also offers other forms of yoga, dance and energy work.

Brighton Ashtanga Shala

Brighton’s first dedicated Ashtanga shala opened in February 2013 and is run by authorised Level 1 teachers Jess Davies and Laura Cornish.

Astanga Yoga London

AYL is run by the only certified teacher in the UK, Hamish Hendry, and his wife Anna Wise, and is like a little piece of Mysore in the heart of London. They also host Sharath on his European tour, but not at their shala – it’s far too small!

Stillpoint Yoga London

Stillpoint Yoga London opened in 2009 and is a vibrant, growing yoga community in the heart of London Bridge. SYL’s founder and main teacher is Scott Johnson who’s a dedicated long-term student of John Scott – confusing huh?!

Ashtanga Yoga New York

AYNY is one of the most popular shalas outside of Mysore. Founded by Eddie Stern, it has an established morning Mysore programme and is also home to the Broome Street Ganesha Temple.


We think David Keil is the godfather of yoga anatomy! An Ashtanga practitioner himself, his articles, books and DVDs are proper technical, yet unbelievably clear and simple, demystifying anatomy for yoga students once and for all.


Important resources for yoga philosophy, books and teachings.

Matthew Remski

Matthew Remski is a writer, therapist and teacher. He’s the author of Threads of Yoga, a radical remix of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Highly recommended for anyone interested in Yoga philosophy!

Michael Stone

Michael Stone is a Canadian Buddhist teacher and social activist. He’s written some great books on yoga philosophy (check out “Yoga for a World Out of Balance”) and offers inspiring free podcasts.

James Boag

James Boag is a British yoga philosophy teacher and Sanskrit scholar who has lived in Mysore on and off for many years. He offers wonderfully tangible philosophy classes and beautiful, heartfelt kirtans in India, UK, USA and more.


Everything else – within reason! From music and dance to art and video.

MC Yogi

MC Yogi is an American yoga teacher, graffiti artist and DJ who effortlessly mixes his love of yoga, hip hop, reggae and electronic music to lead the way in conscious global music. His third album, Only Love is Real, was released in January 2015.


Narayani and her husband Mat run workshops, retreats and kirtans in devotional music and voicework across the UK and Europe. Narayani has the most amazing, powerful voice and her kirtans are soulful, uplifting and very inspirational.


Danceitation is a fantastic fusion of dance and meditation resulting in a “mind-body-rave explosion”. With awesome tracks and an encouragement to go within, you really can dance like nobody’s watching, which is such a great contrast to the discipline of the Ashtanga practice. Currently offered in cities across the UK.


Originating in Chiang Mai, Thailand, DanceMandala is also a fusion of dance and meditation, which takes its influences from 5Rhythms, Biodanza, Buddhist principles and Tao philosophy. With certified teachers around the world, this is another great way to let go and dance.