Brighton Bank holiday Ashtanga workshop with Dylan Bernstein

Dylan BernsteinThe months are just flying by in what for me is proving to be a most significant year. I’ve had little time for writing blog posts or even sending out email newsletters. But some actions have come to bear fruit in the form of a weekend workshop with Dylan Bernstein. We’ve been talking about it for a couple of years and this year the stars seem to be aligned! Sorry it’s long past my bedtime as I’m writing this!

Dylan is an advanced practitioner, teacher and teacher trainer who travels the world practicing, inspiring and teaching. He’s a funny guy too – articulate with a great sense of humor. On occasion he’s been known to say ‘Brighton up and lighten up’. He’s currently practicing in Mysore before heading to Brighton. So I’m sure he’ll be inspired and flowing with that Mysore energy that many of us know and love!

You can check out all the details about the workshop on the May Bank Holiday Ashtanga workshop page.

Check out Dylan’s website Stillness in Action to get a flavour of what he’s about! He’s also known on the streets as Mr Dylpostino and teamed up with JetTricks to bring us the All One Breath ep – pretty funky yoga inspired rap, definitely worth checking out!

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