Change room chats

Since we don’t get much of a chance to chat at morning practice. I often value the few words exchanged in the change room after practice. They usually contain little gems that I mull over during my day.

This morning Alana was talking about how challenging she found practice today (hardly a verbatim quote) which was such a relief for me to hear as I’ve found practice really challenging the last few weeks. I find myself going through another one of those ‘difficult’ patches and I guess I’m going to have to learn (one day) to just accept them. But somehow I still expect plain sailing.

Currently my right shoulder, right side of my back, right ankle and inner left thigh are really troubling me. So I’m trying to be really gentle but consistent with my practice. When things get difficult I always try and look for an explanation – like what am I doing wrong. I think I can trace this latest spate of challenges to dropping off my practice slightly over the last few weeks.

There seems to be some weird stuff that goes on when you start practicing 5 days a week. Recently I was in what seems like a real sweet spot in my practice. No pain anywhere and my body and breath felt light and strong and the energy just seemed to flow. This was a direct result of consistently practicing 5 days a week for a few months.

I’m really grateful to Sarah for her consistency and also to each Ashtangi that turns up in the morning for practice. I know without this community I wouldn’t be able to maintain. But knowing that there are others making the effort in spite of their own difficulties inspires and supports me.


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