Kino Macgregor Ashtanga demo (part 4 of 5)

Becoming proficient at asana practice

The question on the tip of many tongues when watching Kino practice is ‘How long does it take to get ‘good’ at an asana?’ Her response when she asked Guruji was ‘you take it 1000 times!’ My quote there not Guruji’s. He apparently modified this to ‘1000 times, correctly’. Kino suggested that for most people more repetition is required closed to 10, 000 times. So that’s a lot of years.

With this in mind I’m reminded of one of David Swenson’s quotes ‘Don’t let yoga ruin your life’. So maybe it will become a long time to become proficient at asana practice, it’s really important we enjoy it today and every day. Find the devotion and love and immerse yourself in it.

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