Kundalini rising in Bristol

A friend of mine has a flat in Bath and kindly let us stay while he’s away in Norway. Bath is a rather lovely city and I have a keen interest in the rich Roman history in England.  So we drove to Bristol each morning to take part in the workshop which was hosted by Jewls Wingfield who runs Tantra workshops and ecstatic dance sessions. My first experience of ecstatic dance was at Buddhafield last year where I met Hannah.

The 3 day workshop was Tantric Massage for Couples and I have to say that we’ve both been blown away. I won’t go into the details of the workshop but I was blessed to experience the extraordinary Kundalini rising on the 2nd day. Wow!!

I was also struck by how compatible Tantra is with Yoga and this reminded me of Prem Carlisi’s book – The only way out is in which presents Tantra, Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda together. The workshop focused on nurturing and healing by bringing together the divine masculine and divine feminine, Shiva and Shakti in a very powerful way. My horizons have shifted in a big way as a result of this workshop and I’m looking forward to exploring this more in my Ashtanga practice and in devotional Tantric practice at home.

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