Power failure

Yesturday I had a “power failure” during morning practice. I did my usual 10 Surya Namaskar’s and just lost power. I was aching from Sunday’s led primary anyway but all of a sudden I couldn’t get a deep breath and my breathing was erratic – a sure sign that’s something is up. I eased up during the practice but the more I eased up the more power and breath I lost until I ground to a halt on the mat.

This is the 2nd time in a month that I’ve not been able to complete my normal practice, so I finished the standing sequence and did a 30min Savasana and took some pranayama. Sarah gave me some good advice about not judging my experience and to practice mindfullness during the day, remembering to be respectful and kind to myself.

I didn’t practice this morning and didn’t feel good about missing practice either… A charming little catch 22 that one! I don’t feel like I’ve been pushing myself too hard but my body seems to be telling me otherwise… Anyway it’s all a bit confusing at the moment. There is also most likely something going on that I need to change/accept somewhere in my practice/thinking or life.

I’m just going to try and be kind to myself and hope to get onto the mat tomorrow morning. Acceptance seems to be a theme for me at the moment (again!) What’s that lovely quote by Guruji? “Practice and all is coming.” 😉

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