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I recently discovered David Williams’ website: Asthanga Yogi.

David for anyone new to Ashtanga is one of the first Westerners to learn directly from Pattabhi Jois in the early 70’s. He has over 30 years of uninterrupted daily practice and teaching. To quote directly from his website:

‘David is responsible for teaching the Ashtanga Yoga system to many of today’s leading teachers and practitioners, including David Swenson, Doug Swenson, Danny Paradise, Bryan Kest, Jonny Kest, Tracy Rich, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty.’

On his website David has written an open letter to students, its really rather good and worth reading. Here are some of the key points:

  • if it hurts, you’re doing it wrong
  • your practice should be pleasant from beginning to end
  • Mulabandha and deep breathing is important
  • pushing your limits can result in injury, that will disrupt your practice
  • slow, steady, daily practice is healthier and leads to more lasting flexibility
  • The key is to practice for the rest of your life
  • Those who make their practice enjoyable are likely to continue
  • The ultimate goal of yoga is not increased flexibility and strength
  • The goals of yoga are self-realization, daily balance and health
  • Competitiveness is very destructive
  • The greatest yogi is the one who enjoys their practice most

Interesting stuff, so what do you think?

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