Why oh why?

Why do I get out of bed at 5.45 each day?

Why do I contort and twist my body in a hot and sweaty room?

Why do I make my body hurt, deliberately?

Why? Well maybe you could tell me why you do, but I’ll tell you a bit about why I do….

I’ve simply got to do it. I have to make the journey into the core of my own body, to understand, to feel, to experience it as fully as possible.

Why? Because it is the closest thing to me, and I’m compelled to ‘see’ inside myself, so…. ultimately I can let go of it.

To free my mind from it’s bodily prison, to realise the direct relationship between mind and body, from my own direct experience.

To ultimately feel no body, other than the body that exists as an aspect of my mind.

That’s why.

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