Settling in

Tomorrow will mark the end of Nick’s first week teaching in Brighton. This morning he was joined by Katya so we were blessed by having two authorized teachers in the room. Numbers have been on the quiet side this week which has made for an intimate experience as we all get to know each other a little better. I’m loving the energy in the room and Nick’s adjustments which encourage surrender 😉

I have to say that I feel great! My wrist injury is healing nicely and for the moment I’m not doing any jump backs or jump throughs – which were affecting my energy levels.

The funny thing is that I had become so fixated on doing jump backs and jump throughs that I seemed to have lost the focus of being in the asanas. The last few weeks has meant a change to my practice. My wrist injury appears to have been a cleverly disguised gift offering me an opportunity to change, which I wouldn’t have otherwise done.

When Nick started he requested that everyone do primary until Wednesday so today was the first day that we were supposed to start “full” practice. I’ve been going up to Bekasana in 2nd series but decided to do primary today as I’m still being rather cautious with my wrist and keeping an eye on my energy levels.

Nick came over and asked me where I normally practiced up until and also asked if I could drop-back and come up unassisted – which I can’t. He said that in Mysore you’re only moved onto intermediate if you can do this. I couldn’t believe my luck! I don’t have to do 2nd series which means my practice is shorter.

I’m also really looking forward to focusing on my back bends. To be honest it’s taken me about 2 and a half years to get through primary – which I never thought I would be able to do. The idea of doing unassited back-drops is not something I’ve ever considered possible. Nick’s comment was “you’re close” and “practice and all is coming.”

I’m loving practice at the moment and feel like I’m diving deeper into the waters of self discovery. It also feels like less is more and I’m finding a gentler way on the mat.


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