Thai Yoga massage

I’ve been slacking a bit on the blogging front for a while…

No doubt the new relationship and thriving business are taking their toll.
Not having internet at home also means that I’m only online at work.
So there’s not much room for casual surfing of the net.

There’s been no shortage of blogging material either as it goes.
This weekend I did a 2 day Thai Yoga Massage workshop.
It was pretty full-on from 10am until 5pm for two days.

The workshop was led by Sonja who I met on a Yoga festival earlier this year. She’s been practicing TYM for 10 years. You can read more about her on her website: Lotus Yoga Massage.

I’ve had a few Thai Massages recently as I’ve been doing swaps with two masseurs for some web design and flyer design. I love receiving TYM (who wouldn’t?) and it was really exciting to learn how to give it. It was interesting to note that you’re actually doing yoga yourself while giving the massage. The emphasis was on the breath and working with gravity and your own body to perform the stretches on the receiver.

I probably got a bit carried away with my loud Ujjayi breathing when I got into the practice. I found the experience very meditative and I’m looking forward to practicing on friends and working with different bodies. I get so much out of bodywork which is why I love the mysore practice that we do mainly in silence (bar the odd grunt or groan) 😉

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