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This week has been a real struggle to find the time to get onto the mat.

My Mum has been visiting this week which is lovely but it does take up a lot of my energy. I’ve taken time off work to hang out with her and the I thought I’d have had plenty of time to practice. But then I came down with a cold.

As I’ve not been able to get round to my morning practice I’ve done a bit of chanting – (I’m studying The Yoga Sutra and learing to chant it in Sanskrit- which I love) and some pranayama. I’ve also been reading Prem’s book “The only way out is in” which desribes the 8 limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. I’ve been thinking particularly about the 5 Yamas and how I can apply them not only in my practice but also life. (More on these when I’m feeling like writing a longer post!)

It strikes me that I can practice Yoga when I’m not on the mat. But I hope to get back to the mat next week when I’m feelilng better.

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