Ashtanga Brighton 2009 web stats

Happy new year everyone

Hopefully the full moon new year festivities passed without incident! We had very chilled evening and the 2 of us went to the centre early on New Year’s day to practice. We’ve also just completed a massive 3 day overhaul of our living space.

The Christmas break

The second self practice at the centre was well attended with 9 ashtangis on the mat this morning. A big thank you to Louisa for allowing us to use the centre over the Christmas break and also to Laura for taking on the responsibility of opening up each day and dealing with the money. We’re all looking forward to Monday and seeing Sarah again after her trip away in Goa practicing with Rolf.

Ashtanga Brighton geeky web stats

I thought I’d start the year in a slightly geeky fashion by sharing some of the web stats for Ashtanga Brighton.

We had around 7500 visits to the site in 2009 which is an impressive increase of 35% from 2008. The average length of visit was 1 minute and 57 seconds and 54% of these visits were from people who had never visited the site before.

Increase in visits from the UK

4900 visits were from the UK which is a 46% increase from 2008. Visits from the states dropped off by 15% (was it something we said?)

2009 saw a big jump in visits from Spain – Ola! I’m guessing this is in response to Nick Evan’s visit. We also had quite a few visits from Canada and Germany.

Search and you shall find

How did people find the site? 68% found us through search engines which is a whopping increase of 27%. I was interested to note that traffic is up substantially from Yahoo. Direct traffic plummeted by nearly 40%.

The hottest pages on Ashtanga Brighton

So what are the most popular pages on the site? The homepage and the blog are still battling it out for number one. The homepage has more visits but for a shorter time. While the blog also has a high number of visits – nearly the same as the homepage but with an average visit lasting about 2 minutes! We wrote 57 blog posts which is averages out at 1 post a week.

Next up is the Ashtanga classes page which was redesigned with excellent results in the later part of the year to be more user friendly and is performing very well now with an average visit lasting over a minute and a half!

The yoga links page is also rather popular and it has the highest length of visit of nearly 3 minutes! That’s longest stay of any page on the site.

Anyway I’m sure you’re eyes are glazed over by now with all this geekiness. Here’s to 2010! May it bring you joy, love, light and peace.

x G

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