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Are you eating mindfully? 

In Hannah’s latest article she explores the concept of mindful eating, sharing her experiences of Vipassana meditation and how our thoughts about the food we eat can affect us.

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12 steps to a more engaged life

Check out this engaging and inspiring talk by Canadian Buddhist, yoga practitioner and social activist Michael Stone, in which he offers 12 steps for telling a new story about what it means to live an engaged life.

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Losing the Mysore magic

What happens when you make the transition of returning home from a 3-month trip to Mysore? Hannah shares her experiences of the bubble bursting, ‘normal’ life taking over and losing some of that precious Mysore magic.

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Nuun rehydration tablets

nuun: sugar-free rehydration salts

What do you do when you need extra hydration after practice but don’t want the extra sugar? Turn to nuun rehydration tablets of course! Check out our review and make sure you don’t leave for Mysore without them.

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