crowd fund Sunrise – raise awareness about child abuse

Sunrise by Partho Sen Gupta

Partho Sen-Gupta has embarked on his latest film project: Sunrise – Arunoday. His first film Let the wind blow was screened at the Berlin film festival in 2004.

Partho’s latest film focuses on the taboo of child abuse in India. The Ministry of Woman and Child Development published the ‘Study on Child Abuse: India 2007‘. It reveals that an alarming 53.22% of children in India reported having faced sexual abuse. Yet the Indian Penal Code does not recognise child abuse as an offence and most offenders (local and foreign) escape with light sentences.

The film is being crowd funded on IndieGoGo and you can watch the teaser, read about the film and contribute to the production costs here. So far over $14,000 has been raised for the project and there are just 14 days left to reach the $35,000 target. You can contribute from as little as $10. Go for it!

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