David Keil Ashtanga workshop

Here are my notes from David Keil’s workshop held 2 weeks ago in East Grinstead, held at the lovely Yoga Akasha studio. Shari Berman and Sue went along from Brighton. Thanks again for the lift Sue ๐Ÿ˜‰ Scott from Yoga Sessions (Stillpoint Yoga London) organised the workshop.

David started by saying that the practice was primarily a breathing practice with the postures designed to challenge the practitioner’s ability to control their breathing. Very interesting indeed. In theory your breath should be the same after your first Surya Namaskar A to your last Surya Namaskar B! That’s something to work towards eh?

We started off with a led primary class which was great, in spite of me being pretty tired from the week’s practice. David gives great adjustments, nice and solid. After the primary series we had a long break for lunch on a rather pleasant afternoon.

The afternoon session was more of a Q & A on different Asana which people wanted assistance with. David who is a student of John Scott focused on breath and bandhas. I’d have liked to have done the Sunday session too but really needed to rest.

The drive back to Brighton was fun as Sue decided to take us back along a more scenic route off the motorway. The 3 of us had a great sharing time and stopped off at a farm stall too.

It was good to see Scott again and I’m glad I had a chance to meet David too.

A great day out!

Scott is now teaching in London at Stillpoint Yoga


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