Japanese seated accupressure massage

Hi! After an extremely effective On Site Seated Acupressure Workshop I am looking for 10 people to volunteer for 5 free massages. I follow a Kata Form working only on the Back, Neck, Arms,  Shoulders and Skull for 15 minutes. The sequence of movements and gentle pressure allows for deep relaxation, improved posture and release of tension whilst toning the internal organs and body structures. Resulting in improved mobility, concentration and meditation. My contact Details are Kathryn 07932556915 and more information can be found on my website rythmnoflife.co.uk from the 1st of May 2010. The Massage is applied through the clothes and please allow for 50 minutes of Massage. I will be carrying out the case studies during May and if you would like to book in as a group you can for a maximum of 5 free massages.  An ideal compliment to your yoga practice.

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