Local Handmade Yoga Mat Bags

Devon Red Mat BagI’m Clare, owner of DevonRed. I live in the heart of sunny Devon and my chin is nowhere near my shin in a forward bend..!

Tell us a little about DevonRed and its beginnings

DevonRed came into being after I had finally crammed my yoga mat into a drawstring tube one last time. I set about looking for a funky zipped bag and was disappointed with what I found. So I made my own, then I made a couple for people in my class and then a few more… slowly it grew!

And the bags themselves?

The process begins with me searching out some great fabrics (I wish I could keep them all!) and then the cutting and stitching begins.

Each bag features a full length zip (no more forcing your mat down a tube), a zipped inner pocket perfect for your phone, keys and other bits of essential clutter, and a long strap just right for slinging over your shoulder and cycling off into the sunset (or just keeping your hands free..!).

Give us 3 reasons to shop at DevonRedDevon Red Greeting Card

– The bags are pretty, practical and made in the UK. With most yoga accessories being produced overseas there aren’t many opportunities to buy direct from the maker, so grab the opportunity!

– As well as bags we also make yoga-inspired greeting cards: perfect for the yogi/yogini in your life!

– And as if you needed a third…! Readers of the Ashtanga Brighton Blog can treat themselves to 15% off by quoting the discount code “Brighton” until the end of September 2010.

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