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Matthew Sweeney is a senior Ashtanga yoga teacher and practitioner. I first came across him through his book ‘Astanga Yoga as it is‘. He’s an inspiring yoga teacher who’s both respectful of the Ashtanga lineage and has had the courage to innovate and evolve. Some years ago his own practice led him to develop an alternate set of sequences, the first of which is called Chandrakrama or moon sequence.

I’ve been exploring Chandrakrama for a few months and find it both a beneficial and refreshing supplement to my daily Ashtanga practice. Why would I need to supplement my Ashtanga practice? One day I’ll write a blog about that too.

This podcast hosted by Ryan Spielman as part of his Lonely Guru series covers a wide and rocky terrain of issues that face the modern Ashtanga practitioner. Matthew recently wrote a hotly debated article about The evolution of Ashtanga yoga. He comes across as intelligent, insightful, searching and pragmatic in his thoughts and approach towards yoga. It’s really a very good listen, so grab yourself a cuppa and let Matthew’s dulcet Australian tones wash over you prompted by Ryan’s questions. Enjoy!

I also found this interesting blog post written by Megan Walker back in July 2012 about her experiences of studying with Matthew.

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