yoga ruins your life

Great promo video with Richard Freeman, promoting a workshop at his studio in Boulder on the 7th September 2013. It’s an attention grabbing catch phrase too! Richard has been practicing over 40 years and he forms part of the early group of students like Norman Allen, Nancy Gilgoff, David Williams and David Swenson who learned the practice from Guruji in the early 70s. From all accounts this sounds like an amazing and intense time to have learned the practice as there were often around 10 or so students practising with Guruji back then.

I first practiced with Richard back in 2010 and the workshop was very different to any I’ve ever done. We spent about 3 hours exploring surya namaskar A!

Richard’s got a dry sense of humour which is somewhat lost in this video due to the stunning imagery. Besides the obligatory DVD he’s is also author of a great book called The Mirror of Yoga.

Richard Freeman at Yoga Campus in London

I’ve just heard that Richard will be teaching in London at Yoga Campus this September.

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