New Ashtanga Brighton home page


Finally, I’ve redesigned the Ashtanga Brighton home page! The design is much more focused around the most popular sections of the website. I determined these from the site stats over the past year (if you’re interested, check out my slightly geeky post on the topic)

Hopefully the redesign will improve sign-up to to receive a monthly roundup of our blog, which wasn’t very clear.

You can also follow Ashtanga Brighton on Twitter and the new design grabs the lastest 5 tweets off twitter and displays them on page. I tweet about the ups and downs of daily practice and any news of upcoming workshops or Ashtanga news.

One of the challenges of the design was to make better use of the screen real estate available with monitors with higher resolutions and also not have to redesign the entire site. So I kept the main image of Ganesh, the Ashtanga Brighton heading font and the grey patterned background.

Hope you like the design and any comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Like practice the website is never complete, except in this moment of course, which is just perfect!



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