Making Global Connections

P1010430This week I’ve really been feeling the words spoken by Lisa, our Off The Mat victim for the February Newsletter. To the question “What do you enjoy most about your practise?” she replied “That it’s always there, and that you are able to hook into this amazing network of people wherever you are.”

I was struck by how true this is when Françoize, a French Ashtangi, posted a comment on the Ashtanga Blog saying she was coming to Brighton for a few days and wanted to know where she could practise. We started emailing each other and that was the beginning of  a beautiful friendship! Not only do we have Ashtanga in common, but she’s also a writer – a career I’m currently trying to forge for myself.

So, after a few days practising together, as well as a morning coffee and an evening meal, Guy and I quickly discover what a lovely, funny, kindhearted, genuine, adventurous woman we have met! There’s already talk of meeting again in London in the summer and offers of staying with her family in Paris. I feel we’ve made a wonderful connection and that we’ve known each other for a lot longer than a few days. And it’s all thanks to Ashtanga and its amazing network of people.

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