Reactor Lessons from Fukushima

Last week Leia and I were up in London catching up with Stillpoint founder Scott Johnson.

In the evening Scott had also organised a screening of Ian Mackenzie’s new film: Reactor – Lessons from Fukushima, with a Q&A session with Michael Stone who was teaching in London.

Michael was planning a pilgrimage to Japan to meditate at a Zen Buddhist Monastary when the Tsunami and subsequent Fukushima disaster happened. Despite or because of the crisis, he decided to continue with his planned trip and Ian joined him for part of the journey and they shot loads of footage and even went to the Hiroshima Peace Memorial.

The film is beautifully shot and edited but it doesn’t feel particularly well structured. The Q&A session was interesting and Michael revealed that a lot of the shooting was unplanned and they have loads of footage that could form the basis of another film.

It’s really quite beautiful:

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