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Hi folks

Well I have now made it down to Brighton and have been exploring over the last couple of weeks. Am absloutely loving it, and have been getting back to practice after an extended layoff following a scooter accident in India which snapped my collar bone (doh).

I’ve been trying out a few differnet classes at yogahaven with their £10 for 10days introductory offer, but would really just like to find somewhere to self-practice.
I know there is the natural health option, but to be honest this is just too expensive for me, so I was wondering if anyone knows somewhere to just plonk the mat down and practice? I don’t seem to be able to motivate to do it at home, but having somewhere to go makes it easy.

When I was in London I joined a gym and just used the studio, and this may be my best option here, but if anyone has any suggestions they’d be gratefully received.

Cheers and happy practice.

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  1. gstar
    gstar 22nd March 2009 at 1:55 pm #

    Hey John-Mark!

    Welcome to Brighton! Hope you’re enjoying the good weather.
    I don’t know of anywhere where you can practice for free.

    You could approach one of the local centres and offer a skill swap.
    Perhaps they would go for something like that.

    I know how difficult it can be to get motivated for practice at home.
    It really highlights the importance of a practice community.

    Another suggestion would be to try one morning class at the Natural Health Centre and see how you find it.
    There is a lovely group of committed practitioners turning up regularly and there’s a great energy in the room.
    Especially as we’re now in the big room and getting an average of 15 people each morning.

    Hope to see you soon! 😉


  2. John-Mark 22nd March 2009 at 7:24 pm #

    Hi again, and thanks for the advice.
    Yes, practice at home just seems to be a step to far, motivationally, for me, and I know what you mean about having a group to practice with. I will definitely come down to the NHC to join you guys for some practice and get acquainted with all you committed Brighton ashtangis.
    Before I went to India this last time I spent several weeks practising in a gym after work, and it was only when I’d got to India and re-immersed myself in the group Mysore practice that I appreciated just how much I’d been loving just practising on my own.
    Group practice certainly has a unique energy, and being adjusted amplifies this, but for my body I feel that it is a bit too much, week in week out. I try and practice 6x a week, but have also been advised by an amazing bodyworker to incorporate some ‘restorative’ practice into my routine, so am going to try and do a therapy series once a week to allow my body some time to assimilate all the physical and energetic work I’m doing with it.
    I certainly listen to my body much better, but can get carried away, even when I’ve promised myself I’ll take it easy.
    Anyway, I look forward to putting my mat down amongst you in the not too distant future.

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