welcome back Shari and Laura!

Yogis are fair weather creatures so it’s no coincidence that the two hottest days of the year so far, find Shari Berman returning to Brighton. Welcome back Shari!

Another local Ashtangi Laura has also returned from a 6 month stint in India! So welcome back to you too!

I look forward to catching up with both of you and hearing your tales from Mother India and the latest reports on life in Mysore.

This morning was our first morning in the big practice room at BNHC which seemed rather well timed as the numbers have been steadily on the increase over the last few weeks.

There seem to be two groups – The early birds and the late birds. I definitely fall into the late bird category at the moment so moving to the big room is great as it means I don’t have to worry about getting a spot and have plenty of space.

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