The other 1%

Hello Brighton Ashtangis!

How’s the practice going in this nice fresh weather we’re having?

There’s a lovely quote in the Ashtanga world attributed to Shri K Pattabhi Jois – 99% practice 1% theory.
Personally, I think about yoga more than I practice and have built up a little library of books on the subject. I’m sure you have too!

I’ve decided to do a short review of each book I have; perhaps it’ll be useful to those who’ve seen them and weren’t sure whether or not to buy. I’d invite anyone in the community to do the same. After all, one of the benefits of belonging to a community is that we get to share stuff : )

So I’m going to kick off in my next post with the first book I bought on Ashtanga yoga. Interested? Well, it’s John Scott’s Ashtanga Yoga – The Essential step-by-step guide to dynamic yoga.

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