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Tight Hamstrings but Feeling Great!

I have now been away from Brighton for over six weeks.  While I have had an amazing time running around visiting friends and family, my yoga practice has gotten further and further away from me.  It started out great. I had my mat and jet lag…which made it easy to jump out of bed at […]

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Why I love Mysore

Hey Everyone, I have been in San Francisco last week and did a lot of amazing yoga. I did Mysore a couple of times, which was great. I also went to a yoga studio called Yoga Tree. This place is really cutting edge for people interested in yoga. It is regularly mentioned in the yoga […]

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Back Bends

Today I am starting my weekly blog about the progression of the wheel… my most difficult pose (apart from Hasta Pada Angusthasana, which is another blog altogether).  I am so amazed that so many people just seem to lightly flip right into the pose.  My friend Ida told me that it hardly even feels like […]

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