Tight Hamstrings but Feeling Great!

I have now been away from Brighton for over six weeks.  While I have had an amazing time running around visiting friends and family, my yoga practice has gotten further and further away from me. 

It started out great. I had my mat and jet lag…which made it easy to jump out of bed at 5 in the morning and do at least an hour of practice.

Then I went to San Francisco where all of my friends are really into yoga, so it just fit right into my routine.

It all went a little pear shaped when I arrived here in Orange County, which is just south of Los Angeles 4 weeks ago. 

The weather is beautiful…I mean imagine the most perfect Brighton summer day…and that is how it has been pretty much everyday.

Also, because I am working a lot online, when I am free I want to spend every moment with my sister and nephews.

So as you can see, I have a lot of good excuses for not doing yoga. And there are more. I wish I could say I was motivated to do my own practice, but it really doesn’t seem to happen.

So finally I got itchy yoga feet, and I found a yoga studio that offered your first 10 days for $20.00.

It is amazing how sore I was after not doing yoga for a few weeks.  I may as well have been doing yoga for the first time in a year.  After the first day, every time I moved I was in pain.  I could barely move.

After 6 days I am happy to say that the pain is pretty much gone, apart from in my tight hamstrings.  I feel far more centred and will be ready to start my Mysore practice in Brighton next week.

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