Back Bends

Today I am starting my weekly blog about the progression of the wheel… my most difficult pose (apart from Hasta Pada Angusthasana, which is another blog altogether).  I am so amazed that so many people just seem to lightly flip right into the pose.  My friend Ida told me that it hardly even feels like a stretch for her.

Anyway, this week found me grunting during the pose, especially when Louise pushes my elbows closer together.  I know this is the correct way… but when I am in the pose I am wondering “Can’t I just do the pose rather than worrying about making it perfect?”

The first round is alright, then down to the crown of the head, the second round is a challenge, the third round is almost impossible and requires a strong grunting noise (as mentioned above) to be able to perform it.  I am then told to straighten my legs, put the feet closer, lift a little here and there, and all sorts of other wonderful suggestions that cause a bit more noise making.  

This morning Louise commented “that looked like hard work, let’s make your backdrop really easy” as I release onto the floor soaked in sweat with my heart pounding.

Fortunately I had Guy and Dave to assure me in the changing room that the back bend is also difficult for them (although I haven’t heard anyone else sounding like a pig.)

The great thing about yoga is that with practice, things will change and open up! 

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  1. David Huggett 8th November 2007 at 10:38 pm #

    A great Blog I will make sure I listen!! to your back bending journey with great interest. Keep writing and thank you for making me laugh…..

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