Sharath class card

Shala etiquette for Mysore virgins 

Practising at the KPJAYI shala in Mysore for the first time? Where do you put your mat? What do you do with your stuff? And how come everyone else seems to know already? Fear not! Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be laughing all the way to your backbends.

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Kino in Dubai

Letting go with Kino in Dubai

Laurene Anstee shares her experience of attending a 2-day Ashtanga yoga workshop in Dubai with the one and only Kino MacGregor, and explains why letting go has never felt so good.

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An Indian curry

Cooking up a storm in Mysore

In the final instalment of her food guide series, Hannah takes a look at Mysore’s options for eating in, from supermarkets to organic shops to fruit & veg stalls.

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Set dosa on palm leaf

Food for thought in Mysore city

In Hannah Moss’ third food guide instalment, she reviews the best places to eat within the city of Mysore. This is the ultimate restaurant guide for yoga students and other visitors to the city.

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