The finger pointing at the moon…

day potluck! Sorry I couldn’t resist the title!

A big thank you to Shari and Elaine for hosting the latest moon day potluck. It was well attended. I counted 14 in total. Jane gets a prize for her chocolate brownies… ooooh! Paul also gets a prize for most “avant garde” dish – cashew dates, dipped in cashew butter and then dipped in cacao powder! Seriously yummy – just don’t inhale as you put it in your mouth as the cacao powder gets caught at the back of your throat, as Shari and I both discovered!

The highlight for me was when Shari and Doug played guitar and sang… I’ve just started learning myself so it was nice that people felt comfortable enough to pick up the guitar and sing too! I must say that I’ve missed our potlucks, hanging out with the gang. It would be really nice to get them going a bit more regularly again!

So do we have any volunteers for the next one? Just let Sarah and Shari know and they’ll surely announce it at class!

There was also talk of getting a group together to go to five rhythms during the week. I’m seriously up for going to that too! Just as long as I can be tucked up in bed early enough for practice the next day! 😉

Hope you’re all enjoying the sunshine!


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