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Ashtanga Brighton reloaded

Notice anything different about our site? We’ve got a new mission, team and a fresh new design. Our founder Guy digs into the latest changes here at Ashtanga Brighton.

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Moose antlers

Learning the language of Ashtanga Yoga

Jet-setting Guy has been learning various languages around the world. Discover what tools and techniques have helped him, and how he compares language learning to his own daily Ashtanga yoga practice.

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Nuun rehydration tablets

nuun: sugar-free rehydration salts

What do you do when you need extra hydration after practice but don’t want the extra sugar? Turn to nuun rehydration tablets of course! Check out our review and make sure you don’t leave for Mysore without them.

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Sharath class card

Shala etiquette for Mysore virginsĀ 

Practising at the KPJAYI shala in Mysore for the first time? Where do you put your mat? What do you do with your stuff? And how come everyone else seems to know already? Fear not! Just follow these guidelines and you’ll be laughing all the way to your backbends.

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