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Set dosa on palm leaf

Food for thought in Mysore city

In Hannah Moss’ third food guide instalment, she reviews the best places to eat within the city of Mysore. This is the ultimate restaurant guide for yoga students and other visitors to the city.

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Ice cream

I get the sweetest feeling in Mysore

In her second food guide, Hannah Moss reviews the most important aspect of eating out in Mysore – coffee, cake, chocolate and ice cream. If you have a sweet tooth this one’s for you!

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Indian food on palm leaf

The ultimate guide to eating out in Gokulam

Hannah Moss’ in-depth guide to eating out in Gokulam provides an invaluable resource for Mysore’s yoga community and other visitors to the area. Now all you have to decide is where to eat first!

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Oil lamp for Diwali

28 days in Mysore

28 days in Mysore have just flown by. We’ve had two festivals, amazing food, a stomach bug, intense practice and excruciating bodywork. It’s great to be back and reconnect with old friends and make new friends.

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Ganesh statue

Mysore 2.0

We’re in Mysore again after 10 months. This time we stay for 4 and practice with Sharath for 3 months. I’ll be blogging more about life in Mysore and tips for those interested in making the journey to practice here.

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Mysore MC design

Mysore MC – Getting ready to ride again

We’re getting ready for our next trip to Mysore and I’ve just finished a t-shirt design project I started last year. Inspired by both our last trip to Mysore and the Sons of Anarchy.

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