Mysore 2.0

Ganesh in GokulamGreetings from Mysore!

It’s only been 10 months and we’ve back. This time we’re staying for 4 months and practicing with Sharath for 3 months. I wrote about last year’s adventures in the blog post: My first 24 hours in India. If you’ve been following the blog you’ll know a lot has changed this year: I closed down my previous company, set up a new digital agency with Leia: Wildheart Media, went to Austria, got married in Sweden, travelled to France, packed up our flat and put all our possessions in storage, went to Sweden (again) and then finally flew out from Heathrow to Bangalore on the 25th September. Phew!


I also started a series of popular blog posts titled Mysore, first time tips for those interested in making the journey to practice in Mysore.

Mysore, first time tips

Read tips about: Accommodation

Read tips about: Transport

I’ll be continuing this series with a guide on places to eat in the coming weeks and also blogging about my experiences of practicing at the KPJAYI and life in Mysore. So if you haven’t already, then sign up to the Ashtanga Brighton mailing list to get a monthly digest of these blogs of our adventures in Mysore.

Mysore MC t-shirts and vests

Guy wearing a Mysore MC t-shirtWe’ll also be having Mysore MC t-shirts and vests made over the coming weeks. These will be available for sale in Mysore only this year and online sometime next year. If you’d like one and you have friends or students practicing in Mysore between October and Feb 2015 get in touch ( and they can bring t-shirts and vests back home for you.

If you’re interested in the symbolism behind the design then check out the blog post I wrote on the Wildheart Media website.

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